Kale Burrata Tomato Salad Recipe from mk The Restaurant Chicago

summer recipe: heirloom tomato salad

one more recipe to hold you over until we reopen next week on thursday, august 6th. email us to make a reservation for our late summer menu.

it’s the best time of the year! celebrate tomato season with this simple salad.

1 heirloom tomato
handful kale
1 radish, thinly sliced
4 tbs fresh burrata
1 jalapeño pepper
1/2 cup olive oil
1/8 cup lemon juice
coarse sea salt
freshly ground black pepper

slice tomatoes into wedges and sprinkle with sea salt and pepper 10 min before serving.
place jalapeño and olive oil into a blender. strain mixure through mesh strainer (and now you have jalapeño oil!). whisk oil with lemon juice, salt, and pepper in a bowl.

arrange sliced tomatoes on a plate. dress kale and radish with vinaigrette and add to the plate. distribute cheese on plate and serve.

Kale Burrata Tomato Salad Recipe from mk The Restaurant Chicago

mk the restaurant simple cucumber gazpacho recipe

summer recipe: simple cucumber gazpacho

we’ve got another recipe for you while we’re closed for the next two weeks. this one uses some of the best summer veggies you can find at the farmer’s markets nowadays.

2 whole english/seedless cucumbers
1/4c water
1 garlic clove
1/4 tsp champagne vinegar
1/4c lemon juice
1/4 Tbs lime juice
1/8c picked cilantro
1 jalapeño
1/2c english peas
5 basil leaves
1/4 roasted onion

to roast onion, take whole onion and wrap in foil, roast until soft at 350 F.
blister jalapeño on stove top over direct flame to char the skin. once charred, wrap in plastic wrap for a few minutes and then remove the charred skin and seeds.

roughly chop cucumbers and place in blender. add garlic, cilantro, blistered and seeded jalapeño, basil, and roasted onion. once everything has been blended to a smooth and velvety texture, slowly add the citrus and champagne vinegar to your desired taste. add a pinch of salt to taste and enjoy!

[pour soup over grated lemon rind, finely diced cucumber & sliced radish if you’re feeling fancy]web201507Pouring_Gazpacho_mk_Summer_Recipes114


chef mk talks chermoula with the national culinary review

chef mk had fun talking chermoula with the national culinary review. scroll down to view the article and find out more about this underutilized ingredient.

Chermoula 070815JulyAugNCR_highres_Page_2

Chermoula 070815JulyAugNCR_highres_Page_3



rhubarb crumble at mk the restaurant for chicago chef week 2015

lisa bonjour’s blueberry peach crisp

just in case you’re missing us, pastry chef lisa bonjour is here to the rescue with the recipe for her blueberry peach crisp.

lisa likes to buy her fruit locally at the green city farmer’s market. apple pectin should be available at your local large supermarket like treasure island.

fruit filling:
6.5 oz peaches
6.5 oz blueberries
1.3 oz sugar
3 g powdered apple pectin
½ lemon, zested & juiced
¾ t salt
1.5 t vanilla paste or extract

oatmeal crisp topping:
½ cup rolled oats
½ cup ap flour
1/3 cup light brown sugar
2.5 oz cold butter, cubed
2/3 t salt

for the filling, mix the fruit and the rest of the ingredients in a large bowl. let sit for a few minutes to allow the fruit to macerate. adjust the level of sweetness to your preference.
for the topping, in a stand mixer, use the paddle to mix all the ingredients together. it is done when it looks like loose cookie dough.

place the filling in a glass, ceramic, or metal baking dish (size depends on your preference of the ratio of fruit to crust). cover with the oatmeal topping. bake at 350 F for about 20-25 minutes, or until golden brown. you can serve immediately, or use it later that day or the next.

serves 2.

mk The Restaurant '97 Cabernet Franc featured in USA Today

’97 cabernet franc from our cellars featured in USA Today

we love this ‘97 Quintarelli Giuseppe, ‘Alzero’ Cabernet Franc, and we really love that USA TODAY​ loves it too!



good news: we’re not closing permanently & we haven’t been sold!

due to some confused reporting, there were some rumors circulating that we’d been sold. big thanks to phil vettel from the trib for clearing things up in this article.

Chef Michael Kornick at the Chicago Food and Wine Festival

chicago food & wine festival: aug 29-30

we’re so excited chicago is about to have it’s own food & wine festival. it’s about time!

chef mk will be making an appearance along with tons of other amazing chicago chefs.

check out more in the Chicago Tribune.

father's day grill boxes available at mk the restaurant chicago

fathers day 2015

father’s day grill boxes for two are available for $100 & include:

– your choice of steak: 10 oz filet, 14 oz ny strip, or 12 oz veal chop
– nichols farm asparagus
– poached marble potatoes ready for the grill
– truffle aioli & red wine sauce
– chef erick’s favorite grilled steak recipe

order via email or give us a call: 312.482.9179
deadline to order is wednesday, june 17th


the patriarch frank family vineyard wine dinner at mk The Restaurant

june 19: frank family vineyards wine dinner

we are thrilled to announce our next unique wine dinner on june 19th (aka father’s day weekend!).


fernando beteta, one of only 220 master sommeliers worldwide, will be on hand to walk us through each of five fantastic wines from Frank Family Vineyards​ carefully paired with five courses. email wine director jordyn shapiro to reserve your spot.

Frank Family Vineyards Wine dinner at mk The Restaurant june 19 2015



chef erick on WGN & celebrated chefs cook for a cause

chef erick stopped by WGN lunchbreak to make cucumber gazpacho and talk about tonight’s celebrated chefs cook for a cause. check out the video below.

if you’d like to help send sick kids to camp, there are still a few tickets left for tonight’s event at the ritz carlton chicago here.